End of the Line.

So, real talk. After my latest “thanks but no thanks” for a role I have been courting for a long time and have no doubt I would seriously kick ass at, I am feeling… strangely liberated?

I realized this as I was looking at Post-Punk.com’s feature of Roxy Music’s Siren album. I had volunteered that my favorite song from the album was “End of the Line”. So I pulled the song up on YouTube to revisit it. Sometimes it strikes me as heart-wrenching, but today the lyrics just made me feel at peace and smile a stupidly satisfied smile that has just kinda stuck there.

Maybe because the validation that I would kick ass is coming from within? Hmm.

I don’t know that that’s quite how Bryan Ferry felt when Jerry Hall left him for Mick, but c’est la vie 💋

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