SOLD KINGDOM (formerly Alexandra Rising) is the solo project of L. Alexandra Manuel. Piano-dominant, slow-burning observational chamber pop with existential fixations, a glittery varnish, and a mild-mannered acidity. Sold Kingdom is currently based in Charlottesville but originated from the humming woods, sprawling crop fields, and smokestack haze of rural, south-central VA.

I have always been preoccupied with the theme of control. What we do to maintain it. The thrill and terror of relinquishing it. Delusions of having it in the first place. My resulting entanglements have taught me, if nothing else, that Stevie knew what was up when she warned, “Rulers make bad lovers. Better put your kingdom up for sale.



Official Full-Length Albums

Amethyst Deceiver (October 2022): An exploration of learned toxicity.

“[This] voice is one that soars, seethes, howls, and even goes into hip-hop territory on ‘Intimacy of the Hitman’… ‘Yearning for Yearning’ is like a John Carpenter score for an opera.” -Dylan Ray, Gratitude Audio

“Manuel knows the regulations for piano singer/songwriter music, even playing by them sometimes, but usually poisons traditional pop, folk, and cabaret with dark twists.” -Pat Nicnevin, Sounds and Shadows


Best Dead Masterpiece (February 2021): A musical vanitas, and my first solo release after a 13-year hiatus.


Experimental Albums

Hushing Mildred (July 2021): A (relatively) abrasive expulsion of mommy issues.


You can still revisit my former project, Alexandra Rising, on YouTube, ReverbNation, or most other major digital music outlets.