Aside from an absurdist escalation of body horror, there are no real revelations in “Men”- but it does a couple of things effectively

So. Career musings aside, I've been methodically posting a few arts-and-culture entries I'd begun but that sat unfinished for a while. Interestingly, if I look at the subject matter, they make an interesting triptych: sex, lies, and videotape, Purple Rain, and, finally, Alex Garland's most recent, somewhat divisive offering: Men. The common thread of course... Continue Reading →

Back on My Bullsh*t (As They Say)

(Current music: Harry Nilsson, "My Good Old Desk")I should start by acknowledging my last (tongue-in-cheek) entry and mentioning that, by all outward appearances, my "romantic prospect" has passed on my offer (turns out they are seeking a more serious commitment), so that is not a thing. Plus, working on my "marriage" has been taking up... Continue Reading →

“Dating outside the Marriage”

(Note: This will probably be the only time I feature a craptastic stock photo about relationship drama, so SOAK IT UP, PEOPLE)My last entry nodded to elder millennials getting out of marriages they chose in their twenties. Well, I, too, am continuing to feel sour toward a stale marriage I chose in my twenties, and... Continue Reading →

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