MPC One and Done.

So, folks. The last time I wrote about my music gear situation, I had just bought a Music Production Center (the Akai MPC One) to use as the centerpiece of a laptop-less live performance rig. My thought was that building songs from sequences, then triggering them in real-time to create the backdrop I'd perform over,... Continue Reading →

Healthy Tension.

(A sequel to my last entry) And so it was that, after lately ruminating on the void left by one acquaintance lost, I accidentally rediscovered a different acquaintance. I’ll preface with this: my domestic partner (DP) is an amazing person - the kind who is incapable of feeling jealousy because he understands complexity, who is... Continue Reading →

The Lure of Incognito

The other night, at a rock show, in a face mask, straight-hair wig (I'm known as a curly-haired being), and t-shirt from an NYC souvenir shop that said “Do I look like a f*cking people person?” I stood for over half an hour next to an ex I was with for nearly five years, and... Continue Reading →


My last post hinted at a certain abandon in pursuit of intense feeling, and suggested more related musings were to come. So here we are. The other day I was explaining to DP that my tendency to hyperfocus on the art project of the moment, complete with frustrating technical challenges, improbable learning curves, and rhetorical... Continue Reading →

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