Days of Briar and Roses

Here’s two more repackaged throwbacks for ya.

These are a couple lovesick puppy songs from my higher ed. days, so I decided to release them as companion pieces. The second one, “Cake,” I performed for y’all as part of my Wayback Weekends earlier this year.

Keep in mind I’ve been a ravenous poet my whole life, just without the raging alcoholism and syphilis. Matter-fact, I’ve always been more cerebral than carnal; I doubt I would have even known (or cared!) what to do with people if I’d gotten them. As it turns out, my real muse was The Chase.

That said, when these were written I was running with a socially conscious young Jewish woman from Boston who was into musical theater. It was… intense.

EDIT: Oh my god I just realized these read like, “Slice/Cake”. As in a SLICE of CAKE. I mean – I totally meant to do that.

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