In Plain English

Soon will come a time when there will be questions. From coworkers. From the honorary in-laws. Maybe from extended family.

The folks who ask the questions will generally mean well. They might not be deeply invested in the answers, but they will ask because it is polite, or simply because it is reflexive.

So here are some plain English words to describe things about my music.

Influenced by folk ballads (recognizable examples: Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel) mixed with musicals (Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cabaret). A touch of 90s alternative rock (Radiohead, Nirvana).

Arrangements heavily influenced by the Beatles. Especially horns and strings and the occasional distorted guitar.

Somewhat related artists they are likely to know: Queen, Bowie, Pink Floyd (though make it clear similarity only extends to the ballads and more down-tempo pieces, not the rock anthems)

Somewhat related artists they are less likely but not totally unlikely to know: Leonard Cohen, … … ?

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