Debut of New Song! Working Title: “75/25”

I’ve been sharing so much old material that I thought it would be fun to share something new in its very early stages. It’s rough and cobbled together and I have no idea what the final production will be like. But it was fun to record because normally by the time I’m recording something, I am so familiar with it that I’m sick of it, whereas this one’s too new for me to be sick of.


Ah damn it why do I have dreams about you
Where you say everything I want
And you do everything I want 

Why can’t my reptile mind forget about you
The glimmer of your underneath
tabletop tendril slyly seeking me

And it feels the same though ultraviolet takes its toll
And my eyes don’t get mistaken for a child’s anymore 

You once told me never to forget
Now it seems like only I remember 

That time I made a wager
I said 75/25
You said that was about right
So much was wrong otherwise
But that was one point of perfection I could never find again

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