Wayback Weekend #1

Everything old is…eh, you know.

This past weekend was the start of a thing: I’m going to relearn some of my old songs (including some juvenilia) and present them in YouTube vids.

The first was a song called “Cake” which I wrote when I was in grad school in 2005. You can check it out here:


The rain’s getting heavy
Here, take my jacket
And I’ll take the side near the street
I flash the dazzling whites
Of versatile charm
With freshly polished flats on my feet

You want I were the cake
And he the “eat it, too”
But I wanna take the bullets
And wear the pants for you

There’s a chamber of the night
That’s sultry with cologne
The walls stained sodden by the seep of time
In the glass I practice my renegade’s aplomb
But fear erodes my every dashing line

You want I were the cake
And he the “eat it, too”
But by breathing reveries of you
My heart is cuffed and collared

Won’t you tell me “Come here, boy”
No clothes would fit so well
If you told me, “Come here, boy”
I’d come with a rose in my lapel

And from a drawer of antique razor blades and handkerchiefs
I pull the red suspenders of my hope
The least a girl can do is don a top hat and some tails
When life is turning her into a joke

You want I were the cake
And he the “eat it, too”
It seems there is no avenue
For this brand of love

What daft or errant writer
Would stage a farce like this
No end, no sealing kiss
To snuff the fire
Instead we only wander

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