Best Dead Masterpiece.

Here it is, Everyone. The culmination of almost 18 months of work from composition to release. Like most of my material, it’s not a happy album, but a cathartic album. I heard someone use the term “vent art” the other night, and this might be that. I have also become fond of calling what I do “anti-party music”. It’s after-midnight music, ruminative bystander music, existential wretch music, and I have no choice but to own that (though I hope the scattered moments of self-deprecating humor come across).

If you don’t use BandCamp often, I recommend not just streaming the album here (though you can), but rather clicking the link to go out to the album page, as there are lyrics and credits to read. There’s also a couple of bonus photos included should you choose to partake of the free download.

I also prepared this alternate cover for any wayward parental figures whose sensibilities might be offended by certain choices; though I promise all vulgarity is 100% essential to the plot!

You can also revisit the handful of blog posts I made concerning the album’s themes and inspirations:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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