Gifted is Gross

Was doing some homework at the behest of my new career counselor tonight and thought of the phrase “talented but unfocused”. Googled this phrase and some similar phrases and wound up finding this beautiful, dynamic, dead-serious-yet-self-undermining, know-the-rules-to-break-‘em article about the highs, lows, and in-betweens of being a gifted individual and a multi-potentialite. After being labeled early on as Gifted and Talented, then doubting in true gifted over-analytical fashion whether I even truly fit the criteria, then losing all respect for the title and ceasing to even think about it due to its failure to play any practical purpose at all in my life…I had long ago cut ties with the very concept. But this felt relatable. Might write about it more later, might not – it pretty much says all that needs to be said, methinks.

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