Quick Album Update.

Don’t have much time tonight… though I’ve got a long weekend coming up, so it won’t be long till another post on the thinking behind the upcoming album.

For now, I’ll just mention that all album tracks are currently in the hands of longtime engineer and producer Bryan Walthall of Studio Image Recording in RVA, who cut his teeth at the prestigious Sound of Music Studios and branched off on his own in 2015. My original intent had been to embrace my own limited capabilities and offer the album up as-is, especially since I’d like my trajectory to be toward a grittier, less pretty sound… but in the end, I couldn’t resist enlisting someone to stretch me beyond my own borders. As I get more secure with what I bring to the table, I find myself craving the mind-bend of unforeseen results that only collaboration can yield.

Because issues of control underlie so much of my artistic output and process, I will admit that working remotely with anyone, even a super-expert someone, on mixing and mastering is a colossal feat of trust. The lack of communication immediacy – being unable to physically occupy the same space and point at a waveform on a screen or interject at a particular moment of playback – amplifies the white-knuckle feel.

But I’m convinced that navigating all of this is important, educational, necessary for me right now.

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