Someone I know professionally didn’t show up to work this morning and was reported missing. By the end of the workday she was located safe.

Apparently there was a text message this morning that was cause for alarm. So while (thankfully) there is no longer immediate danger, there are still unknowns. Something is still amiss.

I know better than to say something like, “She’s the last person I’d expect…” That’s as bad as the wide-eyed citizen who tells the local news, “I never thought It could happen here”. But admittedly, it did surprise me.

When things like this go down and there are unfilled blanks, people project things into those blanks. I am resisting that, because I know whatever I’d project would be all me, and would have little, if anything, to do with that person.

Still, I feel compelled to put this here. __________, here’s to you: you always struck me as a methodical perfectionist with a healthy handle on everyday absurdity and an incredulity quotient proportionate to the level of crap transpiring. Hope you’re ok, but if you’re not, I certainly don’t blame ya —

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