Target Audience.

So I’m watching a guy called Chords of Orion on YouTube, and he’s surmising that his target audience is represented by an early-thirties guy named Chris, married with two small kids, who put his garage band days on hiatus to domesticate, but who is now ready to dust off the ole Stratocaster.

So, how about mine?

Lavignia is 45 and independently wealthy and lives in a narrow stone house curtained with ivy. She met the love of her life in college but he preferred men, so now she wears crisp collared shirts and vermillion lipstick for just herself. She had a tortoise shell cat named Deloise, but he slipped out during a snowstorm a couple years ago and was never found.

Jakob is 17 and had a strange religious upbringing that made him compulsive and thirsty but also overly polite and bad at lying. He corrals grocery baskets by day and reads existentialist literature by night, and there’s a girl with a shaved head he hates and adores because she told him a truth about himself.

Dandridge is a 62-year-old war veteran who teaches guitar to high schoolers. He is a widower whose son is away at school, and his cover band plays several nights a week at the local dive. Though he assigns his students a lot of Zeppelin and Kansas, his favorite songs are Kate Bush’s “Babooshka” and Tori Amos’ cover of “Angie”.

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