And, Scene.

I moved to Charlottesville from my rural, south-central-VA county in December 2008, to take a job I'd just landed. In my head, I'd defied odds. I saw myself as a cripplingly cerebral but practically useless pseudo-adult. I felt my brain, in its small-town country stupor-cum-recluse's atrophy, couldn't process fast enough for my survival. I doubted... Continue Reading →

Gifted is Gross

Was doing some homework at the behest of my new career counselor tonight and thought of the phrase “talented but unfocused”. Googled this phrase and some similar phrases and wound up finding this beautiful, dynamic, dead-serious-yet-self-undermining, know-the-rules-to-break-‘em article about the highs, lows, and in-betweens of being a gifted individual and a multi-potentialite. After being labeled... Continue Reading →

“Sympathetic Characters” Release

This weekend was much more productive than last (being neither too nasal to record voice, nor in a Benadryl stupor, helped) and I finally pulled together the single release I’d been planning. The recordings aren’t album quality, but there’s still quite a bit going on in them, some of it totally unexpected, and anyway, I... Continue Reading →

Quick Album Update.

Don't have much time tonight... though I've got a long weekend coming up, so it won't be long till another post on the thinking behind the upcoming album. For now, I'll just mention that all album tracks are currently in the hands of longtime engineer and producer Bryan Walthall of Studio Image Recording in RVA,... Continue Reading →

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