Wayback Weekend #5

My high school's production of Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market" was a bittersweet allegory for all the folderol going on with me at the time (not to mention that our theater department opted for an interpretation that was a veritable pastiche of Bowie's Jareth, Peter Pan's Lost Boys, Robert Smith, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the... Continue Reading →

Pitfalls of a Parasocial Variety.

Aside from a passing glance at Those Magazines near the grocery store checkout, or seeing the occasional news feed headline, I generally don’t follow celebrity gossip. I don’t watch housewives or socialites. What I do get, I get incidentally. Nevertheless, it pains me to say that, as relentlessly logical and evenhanded as I try to... Continue Reading →


You broke my heart, girl,All those years later,The way you malignedHow we once basked togetherIn our primal state,Hair like streamers,Commune of the crimson lipstick.You talked like a savior Sprung you from a gangOr scrubbed you clean of a cult; You talked like spirits had been to blame,Like evil had been in us - when really,That... Continue Reading →

I’m Reviewing the Situation.

Here’s some more of the career change agonizing I do periodically, because I owe it to myself not to get complacent. Also, I mean to keep myself honest and document all stages of this confounded process so I might be of help to someone else someday.I think the most important part of chronicling this stuff... Continue Reading →

Wayback Weekend #4

This week’s selection is also from high school times, and it’s just a good old song about le desir. By the way, I just decided tonight to call these things “Wayback Weekends,” so I had to go back to all the other ones and update them to look like they’d been called that all along.... Continue Reading →


I don't know you, so this means nothing, but I'll be damned if I don't recognize a pattern, familiar, a Mandelbrot. As I write this, I'm listening to music improvised, stumbling, in a church. As I write this, I'm thinking how angry I got watching him cut up bone-in chicken last night with cooking scissors... Continue Reading →

Wayback Weekend #1

Everything old is...eh, you know. This past weekend was the start of a thing: I’m going to relearn some of my old songs (including some juvenilia) and present them in YouTube vids. The first was a song called “Cake” which I wrote when I was in grad school in 2005. You can check it out... Continue Reading →

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