Less-Than-Flattering Thoughts in the Midst of an Absurdly Protracted Winter-Storm-Induced Power Outage

-It’s 2022 and I’m nestled right up against a prominent university, so… really?? (As someone who also works for a sprawlingly large and strategically opaque [to outsiders] entity, it would be fascinating to bust open the intricacies of the triage being applied to this situation, and the role of workforce-management-esque technology in determining it.) -I’m... Continue Reading →

I Can Only Picture Myself in a Corporate Job.

There, I said it. Despite encouraging comments from folks who, even with their broad experience, seem to find me unique and possessed of a “clear personal brand”...I cannot imagine a life in which the responsibility for my income falls solely on my shoulders. I hate to say it, but my disagreements with the corporation I... Continue Reading →

And Now, for Something Completely Different.

[[Currently listening to: Magnetic Fields - Realism (a recent local music store find). It's not quite like anything else I've heard. I think I'm digging it.]]I've practically made a pastime out of bitching about working in a call center. But now, for something completely different. Truth is, if I ever get out of here, I... Continue Reading →

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