The Lure of Incognito

The other night, at a rock show, in a face mask, straight-hair wig (I'm known as a curly-haired being), and t-shirt from an NYC souvenir shop that said “Do I look like a f*cking people person?” I stood for over half an hour next to an ex I was with for nearly five years, and... Continue Reading →

Halloween Offering.

I’ve mentioned Watership Down in this blog before. I, like many a person of a certain age, was caught unawares by its deceptively benign-looking VHS box. Little did I know that it, much like my first exposure to Dali, would shatter my vision in a way I feared at first but would come to love... Continue Reading →

And Now, for Something Completely Different.

[[Currently listening to: Magnetic Fields - Realism (a recent local music store find). It's not quite like anything else I've heard. I think I'm digging it.]]I've practically made a pastime out of bitching about working in a call center. But now, for something completely different. Truth is, if I ever get out of here, I... Continue Reading →

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