Ten years ago, I turned 30. I didn't feel too ceremonious about the number itself. Maybe it sounded high-ish, because after all, I had never in my life been older. I was vaguely aware of traits the dominant culture might start attributing to me, but I was astute enough to realize that 30 wasn't old... Continue Reading →

Aside from an absurdist escalation of body horror, there are no real revelations in “Men”- but it does a couple of things effectively

So. Career musings aside, I've been methodically posting a few arts-and-culture entries I'd begun but that sat unfinished for a while. Interestingly, if I look at the subject matter, they make an interesting triptych: sex, lies, and videotape, Purple Rain, and, finally, Alex Garland's most recent, somewhat divisive offering: Men. The common thread of course... Continue Reading →

Back on My Bullsh*t (As They Say)

(Current music: Harry Nilsson, "My Good Old Desk")I should start by acknowledging my last (tongue-in-cheek) entry and mentioning that, by all outward appearances, my "romantic prospect" has passed on my offer (turns out they are seeking a more serious commitment), so that is not a thing. Plus, working on my "marriage" has been taking up... Continue Reading →

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